Mirjam Hauck

Dr Mirjam Hauck is Deputy Head of Internationalisation, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the Faculty of Languages ​​and Applied Linguistics and a Senior Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. She has written numerous articles and book chapters on the use of technologies for learning and teaching languages ​​and cultures, particularly in virtual exchange contexts.

Her work includes aspects such as student and teacher autonomy, intercultural communicative competence, and critical digital literacy. She regularly presents at conferences, seminars and workshops around the world.

She is he president of the European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning (EUROCALL). She serves as associate editor of the CALL Journal and is a member of the editorial board of ReCALL and LLT.

From 2014 to 2016 she spent 18 months at the SUNY Center for Collaborative International Online Learning (COIL) in the US as a professional development leader.

She is also a founding member of UNICollaboration.org and was a trainer and co-researcher in the EU-funded virtual exchange projects EVOLVE and ERASMUS PLUS, which linked teachers and students from higher education institutions and youth organizations around the world in virtual exchange initiatives around the world.

Currently, she is a co-investigator on the project Marginalization and Underrepresentation in VE: Causes and Remedies funded by the Stevens Initiative, based in the United States.